Forestier, Auguste

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Forestier, Auguste
untitled, between 1935 and 1949
sculpture of wood and various materials
width 96 cm
© photo credit
Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne


Forestier, Auguste (1887-1958), France


Born in the Lozère region of France, Auguste Forestier was born in a farming family. He was always fascinated by trains and on several occasions absconded via this means of transport. One day in 1914 he caused a train derailment by piling pebbles on the rails. As a result of this incident he was committed, at the age of 27, to a psychiatric hospital where he stayed until he died.

Within the establishment he undertook some maintenance jobs. During his free time he drew with crayons, made medals which he sported proudly and sculpted butcher’s bones which he procured from the institution’s kitchens.
Later on, he fitted out a small workshop in one of the hospital corridors where he carved human figures, animals and anthropomorphic figures from pieces of salvaged wood using a cobbler’s leather knife. Forestier decked out his statuettes with bits of fabric or leather, medals, string and sundry scraps salvaged from the rubbish.


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