Sir, Marguerite

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Sir, Marguerite
untitled, between 1944 and 1955
dress, needlepoint lace
height 95 cm
© photo credit
Collection de l'Art Brut, Lausanne


Sir, Marguerite (1890-1957), France


Born in the Lozère region of France, Marguerite Sirvins came from a farming family. At the age of 41 she displayed schizophrenic disorders which led to her definitive admission to the psychiatric hospital of Saint-Alban. Marguerite Sir started drawing 13 years later.

She created watercolours and embroidery. For the latter she used bits of rags as a base and mixed coloured silks with woollen yarn that she obtained by fraying rags retrieved from the rubbish. She worked without a model or preliminary sketch. Prey to hallucinations and ever more frequent bouts of delirium, she ceased all artistic activity in 1955.
However, she created her final work which represented her most important piece : desiring ardently to experience marriage one day, she began to make a bridal gown for an imaginary wedding day. The dress, which she would never wear, was worked in the crochet technique and sewn with a needle and thread taken from old sheets.


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