Tripier, Jeanne

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Tripier, Jeanne
untitled, between 1935 and 1939
25 x 90 cm
© photo credit
Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne


Tripier, Jeanne (1869-1944), France


Jeanne Tripier was born in Paris, France. The daughter of a wine merchant, she spent her childhood in the country, then settled in the Montmartre district of Paris, where she was employed as a saleswoman in a department store. At the age of 58 she became fascinated by spiritualistic doctrines and divination. Her new activities monopolised her to the extent that she gradually stopped going to work. In 1934 she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in the Paris region.

Jeanne Tripier wrote texts and did drawings, embroidery and crochet work. She considered all her creations to be mediumistic revelations. In her writings she frequently inserted small compositions executed in black, purple or blue ink to which she occasionally added hair dye, nail varnish, sugar or medicines. She would also mix a number of colours together, obtaining cloths of subtle hues that she used for clairvoyance tables.


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