Blackstock, Gregory L.

The world war 2 arsenal french fighters

Blackstock, Gregory
The world war 2 arsenal french fighters-Color, 2011
pencil, marker, black marker, crayon and colored pencil
95 x 65 cm
© photo credit
Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne


Blackstock, Gregory L. (1946), USA


The American Art Brut creator Gregory L. Blackstock (b. 1946) is autistic. He reinterprets the universe in the dim light of his cluttered one-room dwelling place. With the shutters closed and the curtains drawn day and night, he withdraws into the silent seclusion of his at once living and working quarters. And this notwithstanding all the uproar and flashing lights of the surrounding city of Seattle.
Blackstock worked as a pot scrubber for an athletic club during twenty-five years, rounding off his income by playing the accordion on in the street and making drawings that at times appeared in the club newspaper. Gradually, his compositions took up more and more of his time and, since his retirement in 2001, they have become part and parcel of his everyday life — a full-time, feverishly pursued activity.


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