ARL - Antonio Roseno de Lima

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Antonio Roseno de Lima
untitled, 1979
gouache on paper
30 x 22 cm
Photo: Caroline Smyrliadis, Atelier de numérisation - Ville de Lausanne
Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne


ARL - Antonio Roseno de Lima (1926-1998), Brazil


Antonio Roseno de Lima was born on 22 June 1926 in Alexandria, in the State of Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil. Coming from a family of modest means, he began working at a very early age, making birdcages, wood objects and spoons. After an eight-year marriage and with his wife awaiting their fifth child, he took leave of his family and set out to make a new life for himself in São Paulo. In 1961, at the age of thirty-five, Roseno de Lima took a course in photography, and thereafter began photographing children at birthday parties and weddings. This marked the start of his "second career," as a professional photographer.

Finding himself destitute, in 1976  he took to living in the favela Três Marias in Campinas, at 103 kms along the Anhanguera express way, where he remained until his death in 1998. Roseno de Lima had no electric lighting and lived surrounded by piles of old papers, tin cans, paintings and animals. He painted daily, and drew in series. When a piece struck his fancy, he would cut out a sheet metal stencil of it so he could do it over as often as he wished. This creator used very simple materials, painting on a table covered with valueless objects. He would vividly color the figures, animals, plants and objects with their synthetic and effective shapes, endowing them with a lively and intense power of expression. Upon his death in 1998, most of his works already belonged to various collectors in Brazil and other countries. The rest landed in the garbage dump, once the Roseno family had enjoined the road department workers to clean out the lodging.


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