Group and Class Visits

All group visits have to be announced. The recommended schedule for class visits is during the museum opening hours (11am to 6pm). Nonetheless, visits outside that time schedule, on thursdays, can be set up by prior agreement. Two kinds of visits are foreseen : guided and self-guided tours.
Reservations for guided tours and workshops must be made with the Collection de l’Art Brut 15 days ahead of time; these always receive written confirmation.

Visitor's convention

Guided tours for teachers

By advance booking, free of charge, on a first come first served basis
Next guided tour.

Self-guided tours

Anyone following a study course (ages 4 to 30) accompanied by a teacher, under no matter what auspices, enjoys free entry to the museum.
Visitors arriving as a group (minimum 6 persons) enjoy a reduced fee (CHF 5.- instead of CHF 10.-). 

Interactive tours

Organized for young people ages 6 to 16 (minimum 6 persons, maximum 25). The fee is CHF 4.- per person. Groups of over 21 young people enjoy a set price of CHF 80.-. Teachers and/or  accompanying adults (max. 3) enjoy free entry.  Order an interactive tour.

Guided tours

Organized for young people ages 17 to 30 (minimum 6 persons, maximum 25). Set price of CHF 100.-. Order a guided tour.


Workshops are set up for young people  (ages 6 to 12). These are generally in connection with temporary shows. The fee is CHF 10.- per youngster. The best solution is to set up a workshop for a single group of youngsters (e.g. a school class, or a community center group). Order a workshop.
The Art Brut Collection doesn't organise birthday parties.

Educational kit

Image portfolio

The Collection de l’Art Brut lends out a portfolio of reproductions of the exhibition works for prior classroom study.


Around twenty short films presenting the Art Brut creators are available on loan in DVD format.

Class reading

Jointly with the Collection de l’Art Brut, Bibliomédia lends out a selection of books and DVD providing an overall view of Art Brut: www.bibliomedia.ch, Tel. 021 320 23 27.


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