Art Brut speaks out to youngsters, and the museum encourages such dialogue. Various activities exist for children to experience the Collection de l’Art Brut in their own way.
Workshops bring youngsters closer to the act of creating or to a particular set of themes, thanks to their gift for observation and personal interpretation. Each youngster leaves the museum with his creation in hand and a tasty snack in his stomach!

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"Eugen Gabritschevsky" - For youngsters ages 6 to 10 / Duration: 1h45, Fr. 10.–/youngster

Come join us at the Collection de l’Art Brut and discover the fascinating world of Eugen Gabrischevsky's experimental painting. Using ink, gouache, folding, scraping, and with the help of sponges, rags or your fingers, you will, in the manner of a brilliant researcher, get to try out a great number of techniques.
By giving free rein to happenstance, you will see some surprising results that will stimulate your imagination.
And... you will take away a lovely notebook all of your own!

Saturday 25 november 2016, 2pm
Saturday 14 january 2017, 2pm
Saturday 4 february 2017, 2pm
Online booking (+41 21 315 25 70) or via the museum agenda.


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