Young Visitors

The Collection de l’Art Brut has always extended a warm welcome to young people! Art Brut speaks out to youngsters, and the museum encourages such dialogue. Various activities exist for children to experience the Collection de l’Art Brut in their own way.


Several workshops bring youngsters closer to the act of creating or to a particular set of themes, thanks to their gift for observation and personal interpretation. The concept of Art Brut is addressed from the point of view of childhood experience, and every temporary exhibition renews the subject broached. The budding creators leave the museum with their creation in hand and a tasty snack in their stomach


Drôles de cabanes Ages 6 - 10 (duration 1h30/ Fee: 10.- per child)

Cabane en bois, maison de fil, ville de papier, viens explorer les univers architecturaux des auteurs de la Collection de l’Art Brut !
Après une visite de l’exposition où tu découvriras, notamment, les maisons de dentelle  de Marie-Rose Lortet, ce sera à ton tour de jouer les architectes. Fil de fer et fil de laine t’aideront à construire ta drôle de cabane.
Gratte-ciel, tipi ou château, du sol au plafond, fais marcher ton imagination pour réaliser la maison de tes rêves !

saturday 28 november 2015, 2pm
saturday 30 january 2016, 2pm
saturday 12 march 2016, 2pm

Online booking (+41 21 315 25 70)  or via agenda.

Activities album

Every youngster on an unofficial visit receives an activities album. This small leaflet provides children aged 6 to 12 with games serving as guidelines to each temporary exhibition. The colored pencils needed to fill in the riddles and do the drawings are provided with each album.

Guided tours

Guided tours (ca. 30 min.) for small groups appeal to the children’s curiosity. A dynamic and lively approach is taken to  the Art Brut world featured in both the main collection and the temporary exhibitions.



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October 20 thru November 11: entrance fee CHF 5.- for all visitors due to mounting the next exhibition. [...]

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