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Les Jardins de l'Art Bru: open air cinema in the museum garden

On Saturday July 6th, the Collection de l'Art Brut invites the public to its gardens for an evening of outdoor film screenings of films presenting Art Brut environments. Over-the-top houses, gardens peopled by fantasy world figures, courtyards brimming with skilfully disposed odds and ends —so many different views of worlds whose creativity remains unbridled by either time or space.
The art critic and Art Brut specialist Laurent Danchin will be hosting the event. Upon this occasion, the museum will remain open until 9:30pm.
Entrance fee — Frs 15.- (children up to 16, Frs 5 / Seniors, disabled and students, Frs 10) — includes museum entry and film screenings. Advance bookings and tickets at the museum box office.

Snacks and refreshments available at the on-site Café de Grancy as of 6pm.

18h00 opening of the garden

Harold Wills, le palais brisé, Bernard Gazet, France, 1994, 12’
Danielle Jacqui, celle qui peint, Valérie Corduant and Philippe Ody, France, 2005, 16’
Bruno Weber, l’architecte de ses rêves, Emmanuel Tagnard, Switzerland, 2005, 4’10
Le manège de Petit Pierre, Philippe Lespinasse, France, 2012, 15’
Les demeures imaginaires, Eric Duvivier, Irène Jakab, Kurt Behrens, Gaston Ferdière, France, 1977, 30’

23h00 intermission

Ni Tanjung, de l'aube à la nuit, Erika Manoni, Switzerland, Italy, 2013, 17’
Journeys Into the Outside, Jarvis Cocker, GB, 1999, 50’ (v.o.s-t. french)