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LES JARDINS DE L'ART BRUT (Art Brut Gardens) - with Pierre-Jean Wurtz, Director of the Festival de films d’art singulier (singular art films) Hors-Champs, Nice.

No entry fee.

The second edition of Jardins de l'Art Brut is scheduled to take place on Saturday July 5th—with Pierre-Jean Wurtz, Director of the Hors-Champs Festival of Singular Art Films (Nice), in attendance.
This evening of outdoor screenings on Art Brut environments will open its doors to the public at 6:00pm.
Screenings begin at 10pm.
Refreshments available at the on-site Café de Grancy
Music from 7pm to 10 pm by the Webmagazine Sonotone DJs.

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Download Sarah Lombardi's interview abaout the screenings