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Art Brut: its Biennial, its market… (article on artprice.com)

 [04/08/2014 09:08]
The Art Brut collection in Lausanne was the first of its kind and is today the largest collection of “Outsider Art” in the world, making Lausanne the de facto capital of Outsider Art.Lausanne museum decided to launch a series of Biennial shows, the first of which (Vehicles, 8 November 2013 - 27 April 2014) presents 200 carefully selected works from the museum’s collection of no less than 60,000 works by more than 400 artists. Generally speaking, the works of the world’s most famous “Outsider” artists, like Séraphine DE SENLIS, Louis SOUTTER, Gaston CHAISSAC and Adolf WÖLFLI , are still rare commodities at the major prestige auction sales and the market for Art Brut is still tiny compared with other segments of the Modern art market. Nevertheless, it is currently expanding at a rapid pace and is also becoming much more structured.
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