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A concert by the American cellist Erik Friedlander - 5 February, 9pm

5 February, 9pm  - A concert by the American cellist Erik Friedlander, who plays John Zorn's music for the film on Morton Bartlett.
Erik Friedlander will be giving a unique (his only presentation in Switzerland) solo concert at the Collection de l’Art Brut. A virtuoso musician, he performed the film score for Family Found. The Lifetime Obsession of Morton Bartlett, screened for the Morton Bartlett exhibition. The film score was composed by New York's avant-gardist John Zorn, a great admirer of Bartlett's work. For this event, and specially on behalf of the Collection de l'Art Brut, Erik Friedlander will be performing a repertory of compositions by John Zorn.

Limited seating, reservations at 021 315 25 70 or www.artbrut.ch.
Admission fee: CHF 15.-