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On m'appelait Judith Scott [They called me Judith Scott] - a show staged by Charlotte Dumartheray

Born in Cincinnatti OH in 1943, the deaf and mute creator Judith Scott is afflicted by Down's syndrome. In considering what Judith might have to say, the plot allows her train of thought to get as tangled up as her sculpture pieces, as knotted, commingled and overlapping. How can sense be made of her wording? How can it be embodied? The answer could be that all of us, each in our own way, should come to realize how very much we too are discomforted by ourselves.

Script: Pascal Rebetez
Played and directed by: Charlotte Dumartheray

Wednesday, 11 june 2014, 8:00 pm
Grange des Lachavanne, route de Soral 30A, 1232 Confignon ,
Tram 14, stop Croisée de Confignon
Admission : 25 CHF, étudiants 15 CHF // Buffet 25 CHF
Booking: f.lachavanne@bluewin.ch - 079 213 27 70