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George Widener at the Museum Für Gegenwart - Berlin - January 25 - June 16 2013

Hamburger Bahnhof /Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin dedicates its "Secret Universe" exhibition series to artists who have been largely ignored by the established art discourse.
After the third exhibition in the series, which presented works by the American artist Morton Bartlett and was extended thru October 15 2012, the fourth part of "Secret Universe" presents George Widener's complex number pictures.

This fourth exhibition offers insights into Widener's complex body of work, featuring hismost important series of works as well as a new sequence of drawings, developed specifically for the exhibition. This is George Widener's first solo exhibition in a European museum.

Curated by Claudia Dichter (also curator for Morton Bartlett's exhibition at the Collection de l'Art Brut/ Lausanne) and Udo Kittelmann.