About Art Brut

Fascicle 24 hot off the press !

The collection of fascicles entitled "Art Brut" was launched by the French painter Jean Dubuffet in 1964. The Collection de l'Art Brut, which has kept the historic series going ever since, is now pleased to announce the release of the 24th issue.

Table of Contents :

Fausto Badari by Paola Pontiggia

Giovanni Bosco by Eva di Stefano
Frédéric Bruly-Bouabré by Yaya Savané
Yves-Jules Fleuri by Anic Zanzi
Anne-Lise Jeanneret by Pascale Marini
Judith Scott by Lucienne Peiry
Charles Steffen by Sarah Lombardi

Yuri Titov  by Kamil Tchalaev. 

Co-published by the Collection de l’Art Brut (Lausanne) and Infolio (Gollion), 2013, 18 x 24 cm, 127 pages, color illustrations. 
On sale at our museum bookshop (CHF 48.-) or at our online shop