Dubuffet & l'Art Brut

  • "Dubuffet & l’Art Brut " is a bilingual (French and German) reference book with over 200 color illustrations. It comprises essays by  Savine Faupin, François Gibault, Jean-Hubert Martin, Lucienne Peiry and Michel Thévoz on the oeuvre of Jean Dubuffet and various Art Brut creators; and by Thomas Rüske on the Prinzhorn Collection; as well as a biographical supplement and an illustrated chronology, both by Sarah Lombardi.

  • Dubuffet & l'Art Brut

    Author(s): Lucienne Peiry, Jean-Hubert Martin, François Gibault, Michel Thévoz, Sarah Lombardi, Thomas Röske et Savine Faupin

    24 x 29 cm, 233 color ill., 191 pp.
    Editions 5 Continents/Collection de l’Art Brut, Milan/Lausanne,
    In French and German.
    Reference Number F337

    Price (excluding delivery): 59 CHF


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