Rouge Ciel (Red Sky)

  • The filmmaker and Art Brut collector Bruno Decharme produced Rouge Ciel, the first feature-length film on Art Brut. The project took ten years to complete.
    For the most part, the film focuses on various Art Brut creators, drawing up portraits of: Henry Darger, Gabriel Joaquim Dos Santos, Adolphe-Julien Fouré Zdenek Kosek, Alexandre Lobanov, Helen Martins, Kunizo Matsumoto, Simon Rodia, George Widener and Purvis Young.
    Rouge Ciel also presents various witnesses who have contributed to our knowledge of Art Brut: philosophers, art historians, collectors, writers, gallery dealers and enthusiastic followers bring to light a wide range of viewpoints. Manuel Anceau, Jean Dubuffet, Phyllis Kind, Jean-Louis Lanoux, Randall Morris, Lucienne Peiry, Jennifer Pinto, Barbara Safarova, Gérard Schreiner, and Michel Thévoz are among those who share with us their thoughts in the matter.

  • Rouge Ciel (Red Sky)

    Author(s): Bruno Decharme

    A 93-minute long film by Bruno Decharme, in French, Système B & abcd, 2009.

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