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  • Art Brut: Ni-Tanjung à Bali, Lobanov en Russie, Santoro en Suisse

    • This film captures the Art Brut creators Ni-Tanjung in Bali, Lobanov in Russia and Santoro in Switzerland at their place of residence and creation: their gestures, words and gazes help sharpen our vision of their works.

      L’autel de l’Aube de Ni-Tanjung (Altar of Dawn by Ni-Tanjung)

      Ni-Tanjung (b. 1930) is the creator of an environment in Bali (Indonesia), where she lives. The work consists of stones and bark pieces on which Ni-Tanjung draws portraits of her ancestors. Every morning, she comes there to decorate her installation with flowers and carry out a pre-defined ritual: she sings and dances, capturing reflections of her surroundings with a mirror.
      A 9-minute film by Erika Manoni, images by Georges Breguet and Julien Magnin, Blue Films, in French, Collection de l’Art Brut, 2006.

      La valise de Lobanov (Lobanov's suitcase)

      Born in Mologa (Russia), Aleksander Pavlovitch Lobanov (1924–2003) produced hundreds of works—drawings, gouaches, collages, photomontages and photographs—consisting mainly of portraits of Stalin, self-portraits and hunting scenes. Most of the pieces bear captions in Cyrillic lettering and feature many firearms. Sometimes, the Soviet propaganda posters that fired his imagination served him as supports.
      A 12-minute film by Erika Manoni, images by Dominique de Miscault, in French, Collection de l’Art Brut, 2007.

      Les jardins de l’imaginaire (Imagined Gardens)

      Eugenio Santoro (1920-2006), a woodcarver born in Castelmezzano (Italy), created life-size statues that he set up on the premises of his house in Courtelary (Switzerland), to where he had emigrated. His earliest pieces, carved in fruit tree wood, are brightly colored: a transparent coat of varnish covers his later works. Santoro's work depicts human and animal figures: a horse, a goat, a pig...
      A 12-minute film by Dominique Clément and Chantal Woodtli, in French, Swiss Radio and Television (RTS), Geneva, 1994.
    • Art Brut: Ni-Tanjung à Bali, Lobanov en Russie, Santoro en Suisse

      Author(s): Erika Manoni, Dominique Clément et Chantal Woodtli

      Collection de l’Art Brut/TSR, Lausanne/Genève
      2006, 2007, 1994, 9’, 12’, 12’.

      Price (excluding delivery): 29 CHF


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