The Collection de l’Art Brut promotes studies and research in the realms of art history, aesthetics and linguistics. The institution includes writings by specialists in its publications. The L’Art Brut fascicles, for instance, have significantly contributed to the history of Art Brut and to the concept itself.

  • To consult collection works look at the Museum's data base.
  • The books published by the Collection de l’Art Brut are available at the museum bookshop.
  • To acquire a better in-depth knowledge about Art Brut and the Collection de l'Art Brut consult the selective bibliography of reference texts.
  • A specialized library with 8,000 volumes is open upon request to researchers and interested parties. The archived books and reviews enlarge the original selection proposed by Jean Dubuffet and the Compagnie de l’Art Brut: rare or out-of-print publications constitute holdings centered on Art Brut, Outsider Art, "art singulier" (Marginal Art) and references for related realms.
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