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The rediscovery of a site at St Romain la Motte near Roanne (department of Loire, central France)

It was Pierre Martelanche, a Loire region humanist and wine grower, who created this site early in the 20th century. Fashioned out of clay, the site's allegorical figures, columns, towers, and bas-reliefs are so many love declarations to the Republic, to human rights, to secularism and to progress.
Marteleche was rejected by his contemporaries, who considered him "mad" throughout his lifetime.

It was in June 2011, when the writer-traveller Jean-Yves Loude had taken up a literary residency upon invitation by the communes of the Côte Roannaise, that several of the sculptor's descendants brought the existence of this hidden museum to Mr. Loude's attention.
Fully aware of the value of Martelanche's oeuvre, the municipality of Saint-Romain-la-Motte lost no time in acquiring a former farm outbuilding, in the heart of the village, in order to host this unique heritage, facilitate its rehabilitation and speed up its accessibility for the public at large. By the same token, the discovery is being integrated into an overall cultural and social events program.

The association Friends of Pierre Martelanche's Petit Musée has launched a funding campaign to save and restore the terracotta pieces.

Download funding file, to be sent to:
Association des Amis du Petit Musée de Pierre Martelanche
Gilbert Varrenne, trésorier 111, chemin de Senouche - 42640 Saint Romain la Motte