Research on Art Brut

Aloïse and Laure Pigeon. From Writings to Images - A lecture by Pascale Marini and Lise Maurer

Thursday October 3, 2013 - 7 pm  -  Palais de Rumine  -  Auditorium
Aloïse and Laure Pigeon,
or two creators confronting writing and imagery.
The lecture promises to shed light on the work of these two major Art Brut creators, each of whom links writing with drawing.
Aloïse began by writing out part of her life story before going on to add drawing and color to the pages, so that the text turned into captions evoking the creator's cosmogonic universe. Laure Pigeon's oeuvre, with a wealth of 500 drawings, is closely related to her spiritualistic practices. In a state of trance, she resorted to blue or black ink to draw abstract figures within a system of complex and finely lined traceries. Her drawings, kept hidden from sight, contain prophetic messages she considered to be endowed with mediumistic qualities.

Pascale Marini is an art historian with a degree in museology. The exhibition curator for the Collection de l'Art Brut since 2002, she is the author of several texts on Art Brut creators.

Lise Maurer, a French psychoanalyst, has been carrying out research on the work of respectively Emile Hodinos, Jeanne Tripier and Laure Pigeon: she has penned Emile Hodinos Josome (Collection de l'Art Brut vol. 18, Lausanne 1994) and the monograph Le remémoirer de Jeanne Tripier ) (the Jeanne Tripier remembrance, éditions Eres publ., 1999).