Research on Art Brut

Meeting on fanzines and other publications - Musée de la Création Franche , Bègles (France)

23 November 2013 – Musée de la Création Franche
Publications that delve into the sources and resources of art brut. A territory that boasts a wealth of unresearched treasures.
The concept of art brut encompasses otherness not only through works, but also through ways of thinking, writing and publishing art. Jean Dubuffet's experimentation with "brut writing" was followed, during the 1980s, by highly original and often off-the-record publications, launched by creators, enthusiasts or art brut fans of highly differing temperaments. Providing information as well as food for debate, and creativity, by now fanzines have become an indispensable source of research in the realm of art brut.