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« L’Art Brut et la fièvre créatrice tardive » [Art Brut and the creative fervor late in life] - a lecture by Mali Genest

It is at a relatively late age—at times upon their retirement, when they have more time available—that many creators of Art Brut first get/got started in the field. Self-taught, these people are cut off from fashion or institutional art circles. Instead, they seek to fashion an entirely personal world that pays no heed whatsoever to outside opinions: theirs is a thoroughly unsociable, magic and even subversive world.
Ms. Genest's lecture will dwell on works by Ataa Oko, Emile Ratier, Marguerite Sirvins, and Helga Goetze.
By Mali Genest, cultural mediator , Collection de l’Art Brut Lausanne

Connaissance 3 Lectures

Friday 7 february 2014, 2:30 pm

Grenier Bernois du Centre Culturel

Place du Casino 1