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Lecture by Lucienne Peiry on Joseph Hofer

Lucienne Peiry will present the oeuvre of Joseph Hofer under the auspices of the De la trinité en déroute au sinthome (From the Defeated Trinity to the Sinthome) seminar hosted by Lise Maurer.

Unschooled and illiterate, cut off from the world and from any accredited artistic creation—indeed unaware of the disciplines of drawing and staging—Joseph Hofer derives his archaic creative skills from his own inner resources. Paradoxically, his heavy mental and physical impairments have opened new areas of exploration to him, furthering a particularly explosive creative capacity.

Saturday, 28 June 2014
From 2 to 4:30pm
Institut Protestant de Théologie
83 Boulevard Arago – 75014 PARIS
Entrance fee 8 euros