Research on Art Brut

January 30, 7pm - A meeting with the American Art Brut creator George Widener - SOLD OUT

Exceptionally, and in response to a invitation by Lucienne Peiry, Director of Research and International Relations, the American Art Brut creator George Widener has accepted to attend a meeting at the Collection de l'Art Brut. He will reply to questions tendered by Lucienne Peiry, the journalist (RTS broadcasting) Eric Burnand, and Léonore Lidy, who has just completed a Master's thesis in art history devoted to this creator. Questions from the audience will also be welcomed, with an eye to unraveling the mystery of Widener's singular oeuvre.

This creator's strange paintings— calendars, diagrams and inventories imbued with a multitude of numbers, letters and symbols—will be on show at the Collection de l'Art Brut. Widener's grasp of his material denotes the sort of extraordinary intellectual agility associated with certain autists (Asperger's Syndrome). Also scheduled for this event is the screening of a recent  RTS television program in which Widener participated: belonging to the channel's "Specimen" series, the program addresses the functioning of the brain when it comes up with an invention or demonstrates creative imagination.

Free admission. Limited seating, reservations at 021 315 25 70 or www.artbrut.ch.