Research on Art Brut

Lucienne Peiry's weekly course for EPFL students

The Swiss (Lausanne) Federal Institute of Technology now features Art Brut , thanks to a weekly course being given by Lucienne Peiry to the school's 3third-year future IT engineers, mathematicians, physicists, chemists and architects.

During the 2013 spring term, this "SHS" (Social and Human Sciences) course will introduce them to a great number of Art Brut creators, not only in the classroom but also at the Collection de l'Art Brut venue itself, where they will be able to contemplate the works in the original.
Students will be asked to give oral presentations by group on their respectively chosen theme or creator. At the end of the term, each of the students is expected to draw up a personal essay describing whatever seemed surprising, the questions that came to mind, and any thoughts and/or interests aroused in the matter of this highly inventive and defiant type of art.