Sarah Lombardi

The art historian Sarah Lombardi has directed the Collection de l'Art Brut since 2013. As both its interim director (January 2012 to February 2013) and scientific collaborator (from 2004), Ms. Lombardi  has coordinated a number of exhibitions both within the museum and abroad.

Prior to joining the Collection de l'Art Brut, Sarah Lombardi worked as a freelance curator (Montreal, New York, Lausanne, Brussels). In the period from 2001 to 2003, she worked as an exhibition coordinator for the Quebec Foundation for Therapeutic Art and Art Brut in Montreal; during the year 2001, she taught Swiss French literature at the University of Montreal.

Since becoming the museum's official director (2013), Ms. Lombardi has created a new publication series highlighting the museum collections: Art Brut, la collection (Collection de l'Art Brut/5 Continents Publishers). Each edition comes in two separate volumes (English/French), accompanying the Biennales de l'Art Brut (Art Brut Biennials)—that is, exhibitions focussing on a certain theme and presenting exclusively works from the museum's holdings. Ms. Lombardi has also published two monographs on respectively Aloïse and André Robillard, in connection with the solo shows on these two historically major creators, as presented in 2012 (Aloïse) and 2014/15 (Robillard). In addition, Ms. Lombardi is continuing the L'Art Brut fascicle series launched by Jean Dubuffet in 1964, ensuring the release of Issue No. 25 for the series' fiftieth anniversary.

The year 2005 saw the publication of Ms. Lombardi's book Richard Greaves, Anarchitecte (Milan/Montreal, 5 Continents Editions/Société des arts indisciplinés). Not to mention the countless articles on Art Brut that Ms. Lombardi has contributed over the years to various exhibition catalogues and specialized journals.