2015 Museum Night at the Collection de l'Art Brut

26.09.2015 - vie


Young Public events : The modern times cardboard factory.

Travelling through Guy Brunet's world: A trip to the very heart of the 7th art.
With Gregory Casares, a student at Lausanne's University of Art and Design (ECAL) as their mentor, young would-be filmmakers are to be endowed with a mission:  that of recreating four cult scenes from the Golden Age of moviemaking. The workshop will enable them to first create settings and cardboard silhouettes in the fashion of Guy Brunet. Next, they will be invited to bring such figures alive and to shoot them on film with all due respect for the framing, the time limits and the movements as featured in Charlie Chaplin's films The Gold Rush (1925) and Modern Times (1936).
This is a chance to discover, or rediscover, Chaplin's filmmaking and, as well, to learn more about putting a film together: the preparation, rehearsals, shooting, editing...
Type of workshop : for youngsters ages 8 thru 14
Time schedule: 3 to 6 pm

Events open to one and all : starring this or that oeuvre

All through the year, the Collection de l’Art Brut offers guided tours of its temporary and/or permanent collections to the public.  During Museum Night, it is the tour guides themselves who invite the audience to share their enthusiasm for certain works and/or creators.
6 pm Madge Gill, by Chloé Falcy
7 pm Marguerite Sirvins, by Mali Genest
8 pm August Walla, by Colin Pahlisch
9 pm Henry Darger, by Camille Luscher
10 pm Laure Pigeon, by Natacha Isoz
11 pm Augustin Lesage, by Roxane Fuschetto
Duration: 20 minutes

The gardens of the Collection de l'Art Brut have been specially set up for Museum Night: here, the Café de Grancy will treat visitors to a likewise specially conceived Museum-Night menu.

More information available at the Museum Night website.