A recent donation of five works to the Collection de l'Art Brut, in memory of André Kuenzi

20.08.2015 - vie

The Collection de l'Art Brut has received a donation of five works "In memory of André Kuenzi." These comprise two India ink drawings on paper by Ralph Lonné, a large India ink drawing on paper by Madge Gill, and a large colored pencil drawing (with its preparatory sketch) by Friederich Schröder-Sonnenstern. The donated works serve as welcome additions to the already existing body of works in the Collection by these creators. A poet, art critic, writer and columnist,

André Kuenzi was born in Lausanne in 1916. He penned many essays, notably on Hermanjat, Klee, Giacometti and Soutter; he was, as well, a connoisseur of art stemming from the Canton of Vaud, and a great defender and enthusiast with respect to Art Brut.