André Robillard & Alexis Forestier at Sonic Festival

07.10.2017 - general

The "Les Endimanchés" company presents: 

Les cratères lunaires (le même système) [Lunar Craters (the same system)]

André Robillard's rifles, become major Art Brut pieces, have travelled around the world. This creator is less known, however, for his musical side. The public is little familiar with his sublime record Changer la vie (Le Dernier Cri / In Poly Sons), which had the effect of a bombshell when released in 2002 in the DIY experimental, off-the-wall music field. A few years thereafter, given the encounter with the Les Endimanchés company, the two realms—visual and sound—teamed up with each other on stage, marvelously mixing in with the post-theatrical pranks pulled off by Alexis Forestier and his own rinky-dink troupe.

le 18 mars 2017 à 20h - Centre FGO BARBARA

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