Autour d'Aloïse [All about Aloïse] show at the 2-21 Theater

17.11.2015 - general

Summer 2012. Lausanne. A retrospective of the Art Brut painter and writer Aloïse Corbaz' oeuvre. Viewers are plunged into a world all in bright colors, music, dramas, characters whose eyes are veiled in blue, poetry, ballrooms, gowns and jewels, screams, princes and love.

Sébastien Ribaux attended the show and, upon leaving, he lit up a cigarette: suddenly he felt incredibly alive, more full of desires and urgency than ever before. And thus ensued the desire to create a show featuring the figure of Aloïse Corbaz—the need to recapture the feeling of urgency, to join the Life ball to which Aloïse invites us to come and dance!

The 2•21 Theater — Rue de l'Industrie 10 • 1005 Lausanne — 021 311 65 40