Creation of the web documentary "Jean Linard, an Open-air Cathedral"

24.06.2015 - general

Produced by Région Centre-Val de Loire and published online in September 2014, this web-documentary plunges viewers into the artistic world of Jean Linard (1931-2010). A creator who was at once a potter/ceramist and a builder, he settled at Neuvy-deux-Clochers in central France (Dept. of Cher), where he created a monumental open-air sculpture garden.

The web documentary invites viewers to admire this original cultural heritage site, giving them a choice between a visit on their own or a "guided" tour.  Several resources are also made available to them, enabling them to better understand the artist and his oeuvre. Also featured is an interactive map for exploring the site in detail.

Should you want further information on this project, we invite you to join us at the Centre céramique contemporaine of La Borne (Dept. of Cher), where an open-to-the-public screening of this web documentary is scheduled for Sunday, June 28th, at 3:30pm.

For an overview of this creator's oeuvre, see the website devoted to the cathedral.