Death of the Art Brut CreatorRosa Zharkikh

03.09.2015 - general

Rosa Zharkikh passed away last summer at the age of 85. Born into a cultivated family in Moscow in 1930, as a young woman she pursued a technical training study course, followed by employment in an industrial business firm for several years, first in Vladimir and later in Moscow.

She fell seriously ill at the age of forty-six, undergoing several major surgical operations. During her lengthy hospital convalescence, Rosa Zharkikh found the inner strength to pursue a creative activity. Her drawings convey an ongoing search to express her visions. She also made several embroidery pieces, using things like dresses, book covers or tapestries as supports, crisscrossing and weaving the threads in a thoroughly individual fashion.

Several of her works are to be seen in the Permanent Collection at the Collection de l'Art Brut in Lausanne. Sarah Lombardi contributed an article on this creator's work in the Art Brut fascicle no. 22 (Collection de l'Art Brut, 2007).

(portrait by Mario Del Curto)