From the Failing Trinity to the Sinthome Seminar

11.10.2015 - recherche

Conducted by Lise Maurer

Christophe Boulanger, a PhD student at CEAC [Center for Contemporary Art Studies], Lille 3, presents: A Novel on the Origin : Aimable Jayet, Jean Oury and Jean Dubuffet.

"From 1941, in the Saint-Alban psychiatric hospital to which he was confined, Aimable Jayet kept dwelling on and further exploring his life, both present and past.  In successive accounts adding up into a sort of corpus, he compiled, calculated, wrote, drew and forged his descriptions.  The resulting epic of his own life intermingles intimate detail and the depravities of a century. And this in a most non-conventional manner, to say the least.

Then, too, he was the sort of undisciplined and free-spirited creator who, to Jean Dubuffet, represented art in its "raw" state, at the very origin of the artistic act.  Following up on our preceding exchanges, and in keeping with the current state of our research, we will be reworking several of Jayet's pages as we follow the twists and turns of his writing, certain creases and bindings.

Groupe de Recherches et d’Etudes Cliniques
Secrétariat, tel : à Asnières

Séminaire De la trinité en déroute au sinthome
Samedi 11 octobre  2015
De 14 heures à 16 heures 30
Institut Protestant de Théologie
83 Boulevard Arago – 75014 PARIS
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