Shedding some light on the "La petite brute" Collection

17.03.2016 - recherche

LA PETITE BRUTE [a play on the term "art brut] features not only naive and "brut" art pieces but, too, unusual folk art works, dating from the past or present and currently termed "modest art."  Here we do have art, but without artists, inasmuch as that label would designate a caste apart.

It is Bruno Montpied who directs this Collection: he is the author of L'Eloge des jardins anarchiques [in praise of anarchic gardens], released by the publishers L'insomniaque (under the English name Open Library) in 2011 and very well received by the public (3000 copies sold the first year). Mr. Montpied is also the editor of "Poignard subtil" [subtle dagger], a blog devoted to spontaneous art throughout the world.

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