The "Nannetolicus Meccanicus Saint avec cellule photoélectrique" by Gustavo Giacosa, in Teatro dell' Archivolto, Genoa (IT)

07.10.2017 - general

Gustavo Giacosa's show Nannetolicus Meccanicus Saint avec cellule photoélectrique—previously staged at the Théâtre le Liberté (Toulon) and at La Grange in Dorigny under the auspices of an international colloquium on art brut, organized by the museum for its 40th anniversary—is programmed for the Teatro dell' Archivolto in Genoa (IT) for January 26 and 27, 2017.  

As one of Gustavo Giacosa's projects, this show speaks out the words that Fernando Oreste Nannetti (1927-1994) wrote on the walls of the psychiatric hospital where he was interned. During nine years, and using the metal point of his vest buckle, Giacosa carved what amounts to an open-air mural book. He thus drew up an astonishing world between dream and reality, between science and the imaginary ... filled with the murmurs of supernatural beings. 

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