Loan of two artworks by Hans Schärer at the Aargauer Kunsthaus (Aarau)

01.05.2015 - vie

Two artworks by Hans Schärer take place within the exhibition Hans Schärer, Madonnen & Erotische Aquarelle at the...

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Death of the Art Brut creator Francis Palanc

30.04.2015 - general

Francis Palanc passed away in Vence (France) on April 30th 2015, at the age of eighty-six. A highly adept self-taught...

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On m'appelait Judith Scott - theatrical performance

23.04.2015 - general

Information temporarily unavailable in English.Information for French-language visitors.

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The ATELIER DU NON FAIRE workshop closes down

13.04.2015 - general

Press ReleaseCreated as an outsider art workshop by both patients and visitors over a thirty-year period, 8000 pieces...

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The André robillard Exhibition will close in ten days!

08.04.2015 - vie

The André Robillard exhibition will close in ten days!Read the recent article on Libération: hereView a short...

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The Vehicles exhibition is being exported !

28.03.2015 - vie

The Collection de l’Art Brut is pleased to announce that its show Vehicles will travel to the museum's first Art...

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Artworks by Poladian at the American Folk Art Museum (New York)

26.03.2015 - vie

2 costumes by Vahan Poladian and some of his accessories take place within the exhibition When the Curtain never...

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Italy's MAI museo closes

23.03.2015 - general

The MAI museo, Italy's only museum devoted to "irregular" creation, is closing down after a mere fifteen months of...

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Next Robillard Workshop

21.03.2015 - vie

Information temporarily unavailable in English.Information for French-language visitors.

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Ten artworks by Marguerite Burnat-Provins at the Swiss Institute (New York)

04.03.2015 - vie

“Work Hard,” the graffiti message enhancing this Lausanne public sculpture from 1945 by Pierre Blanc is the title...

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Works by Wölfli at the Borderless Art Museum No-Ma (Omi-Hachiman, Japon)

01.03.2015 - vie

A number of works by Adolf Wölfli and belonging to the Collection de l'Art Brut will be going on display at the...

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Works by Aloïse at the LaM (Lille Métropole, musée d’art moderne, d’art contemporain et d’art brut)

14.02.2015 - vie

In its upcoming exhibition Aloïse Corbaz en constellation, running from February 14 thru May 10, 2015, the LaM (Lille...

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Free guided tour of the two exhibitions "Pascal Tassini" and "Eric Derkenne"

14.02.2015 - vie

Saturday, february 14th

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Pascal Tassini at the opening of his exhibition on february 12, 2015

12.02.2015 - vie

Art Brut author Pascal Tassini was present at the opening of his exhibition on february 12.

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Guided tours of the "André Robillard" exhibition for kids 6 to 10 ans.

08.02.2015 - vie

Sunday, february 8, 11:00 amGuided tours (ca. 30 min.) for small groups appeal to the children’s curiosity. A dynamic...

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Several works by François Burland at the Galeries du Forum Meyrin

05.02.2015 - vie

Numerous works by François Burland will be going on loan from the Collection de l'Art Brut to the Galeries du Forum...

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Exceptional bequests of drawings by Aloïse Corbaz to the Collection de l'Art Brut

27.01.2015 - vie

The Collection de l’Art Brut has just received two exceptional  bequests of works by Aloïse Corbaz (1886-1964).A...

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The Collection de l'Art Brut to participate in "Les cahiers dessinés" (sketchbooks) exhibition at Halle Saint-Pierre

21.01.2015 - vie

Five Collection de l'Art Brut artists (Laure Pigeon, Unica Zürn, Gaston Teuscher, comte de Tromelin, Raphaël Lonné)...

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The Psych’Art Brut Prize 2014

20.01.2015 - recherche

Under the auspices of the Introduction to Psychoanalysis course by Pascal Roman at the University of Lausanne, a...

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Young Public Workshop in connection with the André Robillard exhibition

17.01.2015 - vie

Reaching into the shoulder bag accompanying you on your imaginary travels, you will come up with an animal that you...

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