Caroline Bourbonnais, founder of the Fabuloserie, has passed away

10.08.2014 - general

The museum La Fabuloserie has recently lost its ever enthusiastic custodian, Caroline Bourbonnais. Caroline ...

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lyrical opera in Collection de l'Art Brut's gardens

11.07.2014 - vie

Friday, 11 july, Art Brut garden7:00pm - 7:45pm  Saturday, 12 july, Art Brut garden  7:00pm -...

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LES JARDINS DE L'ART BRUT (Art Brut Gardens) - with Pierre-Jean Wurtz, Director of the Festival de films d’art singulier (singular art films) Hors-Champs, Nice.

05.07.2014 - vie

No entry fee.The second edition of Jardins de l'Art Brut is scheduled to take place on Saturday July 5th—with...

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Mummenschanz Workshop for children and adults

05.07.2014 - vie

For the duration of a workshop, become an imaginary creature like those by Josep Baqué!One date only: July 5, from 1...

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Opening of the "Giovanni BoscoTemporary Museum"

04.07.2014 - general

On 4 July 2014, at 18:00 will take place the opening of the "Temporary Museum Giovanni Bosco" in Castellammare del...

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Works of the Collection de l'Art Brut at the Hopital de Saint-Alban

01.07.2014 - vie

Several works from the Collection de l'Art Brut will be shown at the Hôpital Saint Alban (Lozère) under the...

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Lecture by Lucienne Peiry on Joseph Hofer

28.06.2014 - recherche

Lucienne Peiry will present the oeuvre of Joseph Hofer under the auspices of the De la trinité en déroute au...

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Screening of documentary films at the Jardins Musicaux (Musical Gardens) of Cernier

16.06.2014 - vie

The Collection de l'Art Brut is happy to continue contributing to the "Musical Gardens" of Cernier (canton of...

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Loan of two artworks by Maisonneuve to the Pierre Arnaud Foundation(Lens)

13.06.2014 - vie

The Collection de l'Art Brut is contributing to the "Surrealism and non-western arts" show at the Pierre Arnaud...

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Talk by Lucienne Peiry at MAImuseo of Cremone (IT)

12.06.2014 - recherche

"Une évocation des seins dans la production de quelques créateurs d'Art Brut" (the bosom as evoked in the work of...

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On m'appelait Judith Scott [They called me Judith Scott] - a show staged by Charlotte Dumartheray

11.06.2014 - general

Born in Cincinnatti OH in 1943, the deaf and mute creator Judith Scott is afflicted by Down's syndrome. In...

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Mycelium - génie savant, génie brut

08.06.2014 - general

An exhibition at the Centre d'art contemporain, Abbey of AuberiveExhibition curator: Laurent DanchinThe twenty-five...

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17th Singular Art Films Festival, Nice

06.06.2014 - general

The Collection de l'Art Brut will be participating in the 17th Singular Art Film Festival in Nice, set up by Hors...

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Mir'arts lectures

05.06.2014 - recherche

Colloque mir’arts: "La reconnaissance de l’artiste en situation de handicap : rôles et responsabilités dans la...

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6pm: Public opening of the exhibition "L'Art Brut dans le monde"

05.06.2014 - vie

Public opening reception of temporary exhibition "L'Art Brut dans le monde" on june 5th at the Collection de l’Art Brut.

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L'Art Brut at the 2014 Festival of Art History

31.05.2014 - recherche

Pascale Marini and Anic Zanzi, curators at the Collection de l'Art Brut, will participate in the next edition of...

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An association to the rescue of Arthur Vannabelle's airplane house

27.05.2014 - general

An Art Brut masterpiece, the famous  "Maison aux Avions" (airplane house) in Steenwerck (Pas de Calais,...

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The Poetics of Brut Writings - Lecture by Vincent Capt, at the University of Lausanne

27.05.2014 - recherche

Vincent Capt, who holds a PhD in French language and literature from the Universities of Lausanne and Paris 8, and...

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Screening of the film "Les Reliquaires acérés de Marc Moret" at ATELIER10, Vienna (Austria)

15.05.2014 - general

A documentary by Philippe Lespinasse and Andress Alvarez—"Les Reliquaires acérés de Marc Moret"—will be screened...

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Death of Jean Oury, a leader in the field of institutional psychotherapy and on close terms with Jean Dubuffet

15.05.2014 - general

The French psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Jean Oury, internationally acclaimed as a leader in the field of French...

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