La Narration du quotidien: exposition au f'ar lausanne

03.03.2016 - general

Jeudi 3 mars 2016, à 12h, l’exposition la narration du quotidien ouvre ses portes au forum d’architectures, aunuméro...

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02.03.2016 - general

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The newspaper 24 heures pays tribute to the Collection de l'Art Brut

27.02.2016 - vie

"En un mot, c’est LA collection!" (In short, it is THE collection!)Just when art brut has become all the rage, the...

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Call for contributions: Art Brut News and Critical Stakes

16.02.2016 - recherche

A colloquium on the continuation of the Interdisciplinary PhD Program at the University of Lausanne (Fdi, UNIL),...

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february 16: closed for renovation

16.02.2016 - vie

February 16th: closed for renovation***Thank you for your understanding***

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Art Brut Week end at cinema City Club Pully

06.02.2016 - general

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Archives cantonales vaudoises [Canton of Vaud archives] : 2016 Annual exhibition and conference series

25.01.2016 - recherche

Psychiatric archives: "Should one see the doctor ?" Contribution for the debate on personal data protectionArchives...

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The French creator Michel Nedjar honored the Collection de l'Art Brut with a major bequest in late 2015.

19.01.2016 - vie

Last year, the Collection de l'Art Brut received a major bequest by the French creator Michel Nedjar. Thus, one...

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Art Brut in America: The Incursion of Jean Dubuffet exhibition in New York and Swiss press

15.12.2015 - vie

New York Times, Dubuffet’s Art Brut Outsiders, on View at the American Folk Art MuseumObserver/ culture, 12 Things to...

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Buy X-Mas presents at the Collection de l'Art Brut boutique

15.12.2015 - vie

Looking for Xmas gifts?Blackstock 2016 calendar CHF 29.-Blackstock 500pce puzzle CHF 29.-Available at the museum...

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Lucienne Peiry signs her latest book: Bonhomme d'Art Brut [Art Brut bloke]

02.12.2015 - general

Lucienne Peiry signs her latest book,  Bonhomme d'Art Brut, at Payot LausanneWednesday, December 2nd, from 4:30...

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André Robillard awarded the title of Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters

26.11.2015 - general

At the age of 84, André Robillard received a medal as Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters. The medal, awarded by...

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2015 Psych'Art Brut Prize

20.11.2015 - recherche

Under the auspices of Professor Pascal Roman's  Introduction to Psychoanalysis course at the University of...

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At the MIAM (Sètes, France), the "Vehicles" exhibition attracts a record-breaking number of visitors.

18.11.2015 - vie

Since the museum's opening in 2000, there had never been such a crowd: attracting  a total of 25,450 visitors,...

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Autour d'Aloïse [All about Aloïse] show at the 2-21 Theater

17.11.2015 - general

Summer 2012. Lausanne. A retrospective of the Art Brut painter and writer Aloïse Corbaz' oeuvre. Viewers are plunged...

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Public Opening Reception of the "Architecture "exhibition

12.11.2015 - vie

Thursday 12 november, 6:30 pm:Public Opening Reception of the Architecture exhibitionWith authors Norimitsu Kokubo,...

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Symposium "Jean Dubuffet and Beyond: A Certain Idea of Art" at the American Folk Art Museum

09.11.2015 - recherche

A full-day symposium organized in conjunction with the exhibition Art Brut in America: The Incursion of Jean...

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On the Failing Trinity to the Sinthome Seminar

07.11.2015 - recherche

Conducted by Lise MaurerPascale Binant presents : The rock paintings of Serra da Capivara National Park (Northeastern...

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Au fond du plac’Art* : Art Brut-speak for children

06.11.2015 - general

Under the auspices of its cultural awareness program, the Vallée de la Jeunesse [youth valley]—a service program...

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Revue Dada (Dada Review) - special Art Brut edition!

04.11.2015 - general

Dada is a monthly art initiation review that was created in 1991. Each issue is devoted to an artist, a trend or an...

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