"Special encounter" Sophie Bourbonnais, Pascal Rigeade and Hervé Di Rosa

26.05.2016 - general

Throughout the year 2016, the Collection de l'Art Brut will be inviting outstanding figures from the realm of culture...

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"From the Routed Trinity to the Sinthome" Seminar

21.05.2016 - recherche

A seminar led by Lise MaurerSaturday May 21, 2016 2 to 4:30 pmLucienne Peiry, PhD, art historian,  presents:The...

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Sarah Lombardi - lecture at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

15.05.2016 - recherche

Sarah Lombardi, director of the Collection de l'Art Brut, will be participating in a conference organized by the...

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La peau et les mots (skin and words)- a Michel Macréau and Stani Nitkowski exhibition

01.05.2016 - general

For its second season, the Coopérative-Collection Cérès Franco is staging this exhibition at the Montolieu Village du...

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The "Architecture" exhibition is extended until April 24 !

24.04.2016 - vie

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L'Art Brut fête ses 40 ans au théâtre Arsenic, Lausanne

16.04.2016 - general

Les festivités du 40ème anniversaire s’ouvrent aux arts vivants grâce à la collaboration avec l’Arsenic.PROGRAMME DU...

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The Collection de l'Art Brut's 40th Anniversary Catalog

14.04.2016 - vie

L’Art Brut de Jean Dubuffet, aux origines de la collection (Jean Dubuffet's Art Brut, At the Collection's...

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The exhibition "Guy Brunet réalisateur" (Guy Brunet film director) at lieu unique (the national center for contemporary arts and music), in Nantes, France.

13.04.2016 - vie

The brainchild of the exhibition curators Charles Soubeyran and Mario Del Curto, the film Guy Brunet réalisateur: Le...

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Pakomusé - workshop "Fun huts" at the la Collection de l'Art Brut/ SOLD OUT

29.03.2016 - general

Information temporarily unavailable in English.Information for French-language visitors

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"Armand Schulthess, Il giardino enciclopedico" (Armand Schulthess, the encyclopedic garden) at the Museo d'arte della Svizzera italiana, Lugano, from March 19 to June 19, 2016

19.03.2016 - vie

At the age of fifty, Armand Schulthess left his job as a government clerk to settle in the Ticino. Here he went on to...

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Shedding some light on the "La petite brute" Collection

17.03.2016 - recherche

LA PETITE BRUTE [a play on the term "art brut] features not only naive and "brut" art pieces but, too, unusual folk...

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Changing Life: a show by Alexis Forestier with André Robillard

15.03.2016 - general

The "Art et déchirure" Festival - Maison de l'Université Mont-Saint AignanChanging Life: a show by Alexis Forestier...

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New edition of "L'Art Brut" by Michel Thévoz

15.03.2016 - recherche

Nowadays, art brut is firmly entrenched in art history: the collection that Jean Dubuffet initiated, housed in...

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Mister John's Tours

13.03.2016 - general

Throughout the entire year, Romain Daroles, an actor graduate of "La Manufacture" (French-speaking Switzerland's...

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Seminar "De la trinité en déroute au sinthome"

12.03.2016 - recherche

"De la trinité en déroute au sinthome" [from the routed trinity to the sinthome] SeminarSeminar led by  Lise...

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Anniversary celebration weekend at the Collection de l'Art Brut!

08.03.2016 - vie

Celebration weekend at the Collection de l'Art Brut!On Friday March 4th, some 600 people flocked to the Opening...

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"Special encounters" throughout the year 2016 at the Collection de l'Art Brut

05.03.2016 - general

Throughout the year 2016, the Collection de l'Art Brut will be inviting outstanding figures from the realm of culture...

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Anniversary weekend

04.03.2016 - vie

Museum entry and activities free of charge.March 4, 6PM: Opening Reception for the exhibition, open to the...

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La Narration du quotidien: exposition au f'ar lausanne

03.03.2016 - general

Jeudi 3 mars 2016, à 12h, l’exposition la narration du quotidien ouvre ses portes au forum d’architectures, aunuméro...

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02.03.2016 - general

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