I graffiti della mente

I graffiti della mente
The film I graffitti della mente takes us to the heart of the Psychiatric Hospital of  Volterra (I). We follow the trail of both Fernando Oreste Nannetti (1927-1994) and his carved wall. Thanks to the testimony provided by Aldo Trafeli: a nurse personally acquainted with Nannetti, who managed to decipher Nannetti’s writings as a whole. These carved texts appear on the screen while being  read off in the film, restoring their phonic substance to petrified words. This extraordinary documentary will leave viewers convinced that Nannetti’s oneiric diary was meant directly for them.
DVD reprint for the exhibition Nannetti « colonel astral » at the Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne.

I graffiti della mente

Film by Pier Nello and Erika Manoni, 20’, italian, undertitles in french or english, Blue Films, Rome, 2002.Reference Number FDVD40.


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