Art Brut speaks out to youngsters, and the museum encourages such dialogue. Various activities exist for children to experience the Collection de l’Art Brut in their own way.

Workshops bring youngsters closer to the act of creating or to a particular set of themes, thanks to their gift for observation and personal interpretation. Each youngster leaves the museum with his creation in hand and a tasty snack in his stomach!

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Digging your hands into the clay Ages 5 - 8 (duration 1h45/ Fee: 10.- / child)

Stimulated and amazed by your visit to the Art Brut du Japon, un autre regard ( Art Brut from Japan, a different gaze), you in turn will be able to dig your hands into some clay, to swoosh it around and to shape it into something. Just like the Japanese Art Brut artist Kômei Bekki, you yourself will be able to come up with a whole family of imaginary figures. 
Don't forget to give each member of your new tribe a name ! 

Saturday 26 January 2019 at 2pm 
Saturday 9 March 2019 at 2pm 
Saturday 23 March at 2pm 
Saturday 6 April 2019 at 2pm

Online booking (+41 21 315 25 70) or via the museum agenda.