Art Brut speaks to youngsters, and the museum encourages this interaction. Various activities exist to help children to experience the Collection de l’Art Brut in their own way.

Workshops bring youngsters closer to the act of creating or a particular set of themes, drawing on their gift for observation and personal interpretation. Each youngster leaves the museum with his creation in hand and a tasty snack in his stomach!

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Magic Box Ages 5 - 10 ans (duration 1h45/ Fee: 10.- / child)

Make the most of the 5th Biennial of Art Brut with a closer look at the fascinating works in the exhibition Croyances. Learn more about the subject and the various beliefs of the artists on show. Then you will make an object that will bring you luck, inspired by the magical, mysterious boxes of Antionio Dalla Valle.

Workshop director: Lucie Sgalmuzzo

Saturday 29 January 2022, 2pm
Saturday 5 march 2022, 2pm
Saturday 2 April 2022, 2pm

Online booking via the museum ticket online office.

Loyalty card: after 3 workshops, you will be able to choose a gift from a set of posters, books, etc. Ask the workschop director for your card.

Help for the visit

So that children aged 6–12 can visit the exhibitions in an accessible, fun way, a guide is distributed free of charge at the museum reception desk for both the permanent exhibition (Le Petit Carnet de Jeux) and the temporary exhibitions (Game Album).

Contact the secretariat at 021/ 315 25 70 for more details