On m'appelait Judith Scott

On m'appelait Judith Scott

On m'appelait Judith Scott, 15 cm - 32 pp.Collection de l'Art Brut, Lausanne et Mont-sur-Lausanne, Jean Genoud SA, 2006. In French.

This monologue by the Swiss writer and playwright Pascal Rebetez depicts the world and life course followed by the artist Judith Scott. Pascal Rebetez was born in Delémont (Switzerland) in 1956. He trained as an actor, before becoming a  news anchor, first with the radio and later on television for a program on cultural events and celebrities of the day. He is the author of a dozen or so books, novels and poetry anthologies. "On m'appelait Judith Scott" (I was called Judith Scott) is his second creation to be inspired by a creator of Art Brut: his fascination with the piece "Plancher de Jeannot" shown in 2004 at the Collection de l'Art Brut led him to write the stage play "Les mots savent pas dire" (words cannot say).  

On m'appelait Judith Scott



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