Besser, Chris

L’ennemi est à l’intérieur
  • L’ennemi est à l’intérieur
  • Attention les bébés
  • Après les crises et les reproches
  • Un loup pour 2002
  • Marasa
  • Couple de poissons licornes qui se disputent
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  • Portrait of Chris Besser

L’ennemi est à l’intérieur

Chris Besser, "L’ennemi est à l’intérieur", 2002, assembly of various materials and gouache on an envelope, 22,5 x 31 x 2,5 cm, unidentified photographer, Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausa


Besser, Chris ,

(1940 - 2022), France

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Chris Besser (1940 - 2022) hails from the south of France. Ever since childhood, she has drawn, painted and collected small objects that strike her fancy.  As a child, too, she travelled for long periods.

Basically a painter, she has worked in parallel as a plastic artist, creating assemblages.  The latter defy classification, straddling at once sculpture and painting. 

Ever the great traveller, Chris Besser uses mail art to share her destinations with her many correspondents, as well as her memories and, too, her thoughts on various news events.  She decorates the envelopes according to the series to which they belong, using varied techniques: they are painted, cut out, and/or decorated with photos or a collage of various objects... for instance, plastic leaves, shells or synthetic pearls.