Sedlak, F.

Vie dans la vie ou bien le rêve
  • Vie dans la vie ou bien le rêve
  • Judas Iskariote
  • Fruit du péché
  • La vieille loi
  • Paix
  • Judita
  • Victime

Vie dans la vie ou bien le rêve

F. Sedlak, "Vie dans la vie ou bien le rêve", 1924, pencil and watercolor on paper, 32 x 22 cm, photo : Atelier de numérisation – Ville de Lausanne, Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne


Sedlak, F.,

(?–?), probably Czech Republic


F. Sedlak (?–?). Next to nothing is known about this artist, apart from the fact that he was probably Czech. His drawings, dating from 1924–25, are technically wonderful and were bought in 1985 from a second-hand goods dealer, who was unable to give any information about them. They are certainly permeated by a certain mysticism due to their random, visionary qualities and might be associated with a spiritualist environment. The various titles refer to the Bible, dreams, or death. 


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