A Staged Meeting - Reading Art Brut texts out loud

02.06.2016 - general

Whether love letters or letters of wrath, prayers, poetic inventions, diaries, or pleas...the Art Brut texts chosen to be read out loud to the audience have, for the most part, been created under conditions of confinement, behind closed doors. The authors of these texts have, whether deliberately or not, paid no heed to any spelling or grammar rules, instead plunging headlong into their texts, in a freely offhand and inventive manner showing no respect for any rules. Their creative initiative, undertaken out of sheer necessity, enabled them to go beyond, indeed to sublimate, the tragedy imposed upon them.

Creation and narrative Lucienne Peiry
Actress Anne Benoit
Actor and stage director Alain Fromager
Screening, images and lighting Laurent Junod
Costumes and accessories Nadia Cuénoud

CHF 20.- (plein tarif)
CHF 15.- (retraités, chômeurs, AI)
CHF 10.- (étudiants)
Sur réservation : [email protected]