Projections de films co-produits par la Cab et rencontre avec Sarah Lombardi et Philippe Lespinasse

Outsider Art Fair Paris, October 17 - 20, 2019
La Collection de l'Art Brut Lausanne presents an afternoon film screening of two documentaries featuring art brut artists directed by Philippe Lespinasse, a French director who has worked with the museum for many years. Through the screening of these two movies, the museum gives the audience a chance to “meet” two of its self-taught artists, and to discover the context in which their works were produced. Art brut is very much present in the contemporary art scene, but the artists themselves often remain in the shadows. This screening and the following discussion intend to put them in the spotlight.

These two movies are the most recent works directed by Lespinasse for the museum. They were commissioned to accompany the monographic exhibitions dedicated to Michael Golz and Anna Zemànkovà in 2017.

with Sarah Lombardi and Phillip Lespinasse
Samedi 19 October | 2:30pm
OAF Film
Hôtel Drouot 
9, rue Drouot 


Publish Date: 08.10.2019