The Collection de l'Art Brut lends 108 artworks for an exhibition at the Millesgården Museum, Lidingö (Sweden)

From 1 June to 1 September, the Millesgården Museum (Lidingö, Sweden) is exhibiting 108 works by 19 authors from the Collection de l'Art Brut. 

30 years after the Särlingar exhibition at the Malmö museum (1991), which brought together artists from the Collection Neuve Invention, this new exhibition focuses on works from the Lausanne museum.

Arranged thematically, the exhibition begins with Adolf Wölfli’s characteristic and geometric pictorial compositions and Aloïse Corbaz’s colourful paintings with emblematic figures. Works by Adolf Wölfli are among the first acquisitions in Dubuffet’s collection. This is followed by a collection of works acquired from the country’s psychiatric hospitals. These works are characterised by their format: small pieces of paper with cartoon picture stories by creators such as Julie Bar and Jules Doudin. Works are also presented in which the authors refer to their own selves, including Justine Python’s writings, Gaston Teuscher's turbulent motifs and Angelo Meani’s sculptures. Finally, we encounter Aloïs Wey’s imaginary palace architecture and Samuel Failloubaz’s animal motifs together with Benjamin Bonjour’s landscapes.  

Exhibitors : Julie Bar, Benjamin Bonjour, Aloïse Corbaz, Gaspard Corpataux, Diego, Jules Doudin, Samuel Failloubaz, Anne-Lise Jeanneret, Pierre Kocher, Hans Krüsi, Angelo Meani, Justine Python, Jean Radovic, Armand Schulthess, Gaston Teuscher, Johann Trösch, Berthe Urasco, Alois Wey and Adolf Wölfli.  

Millesgården Museum
Herserudsvägen 32
Lidingö - Sweden
Tuesday - Sunday 11h - 17h 
Closed on Mondays


Publish Date: 30.05.2024