The Death of Laurent Danchin

The Collection de l'Art Brut is greatly saddened by the passing away of Laurent Danchin on Tuesday, January 10, 2017, following upon a struggle of several months against his illness.
The Art Brut world and, most especially, the Collection de l'Art Brut for which he served on the Advisory Board since 2004, deeply regrets the loss of an outstanding writer, critic and researcher—a person totally committed to Art Brut and its creators, inspiring trust and friendship among the latter throughout his tenure.
We extend our gratitude to him for his immense scientific contribution to this realm of art, for the informed and relevant thoughts he shared with us, the delightful anecdotes, together with his enormous generosity and humanism. He will of course be greatly missed, but we rejoice in all the writings he leaves behind for us, together with the memory of his passion for art and creators on the fringes—a love he so generously shared and transmitted. Thanks to his having accepted to join us on  the Friends of Art Brut Association's trip in 2012, to discover the environments by Jean Linard and Chomo, we also have a marvelous recollection of that exceptional outing.

Sarah Lombardi, Director

Two short films made in 2012 in the footsteps of the above-mentioned trip are available for viewing at:


Publish Date: 10.01.2017