A notebook containing drawings by Aloïse at the Bodmer Foundation, for the "Uniques" show

The Collection de l'Art Brut is lending a notebook with drawings by Aloïse to the Bodmer Foundation, for their exhibition which opens on October 20th. 

This exhibition presents notebooks and drawing pads belonging to artists, philosophers and writers...people who have worked, written and/or composed enough for their works to be more than mere drafts or study books or sketches: it entails books that are single originals. 

The show's guiding principle is to present objects that have been gathered with an eye to their plastic quality rather than to their chronology: graphic, visual kinships determine the legitimacy of the various groupings. Thus, above and beyond the text and its contents, the focus is on showing a certain number of worlds depicted through writing, drawing, sketching and/or coloring on pads and in notebooks, and that share a visual kinship—a so-to-speak graphic friendship.

Fondation Martin Bodmer
Route Martin Bodmer 19-21
1223 Cologny (Geneva)
tuesday-sunday 2pm - 6pm


Publish Date: 15.10.2018