Sarah Lombardi

A freelance exhibition curator and, from 2007 to 2011, a Collection de l'Art Brut museum curator, the art historian Sarah Lombardi has been appointed Director of the Collection de l'Art Brut from March 2013.

Early on as head of the Lausanne venue, S. Lombardi sought to highlight the museum collections by launching thematically conceived Art Brut biennials to display works from the institution's holdings. She also created a new bilingual publication series entitled Art Brut, la collection - Art Brut, the Collection.

Sarah Lombardi has published several works for the Collection de l'Art Brut museum shows, and various essays on Art Brut in a number of exhibition catalogs and specialized reviews. She also saw to the continuation of the Art Brut fascicle series that Jean Dubuffet launched in 1964. Further still, in November 2016 S. Lombardi realized the publication of the Almanach de l’Art Brut — a work that, initially conceived by Jean Dubuffet in 1948, is key to the history of Art Brut.

In parallel to her invaluable contributions on an historical level, she continues to enrich the museum collections through her many discoveries of Art Brut creators, featured time and again in various exhibitions and publications.